Codesignal - adjacentElementsProduct solution

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Solution one:

We are gonna find the ajacent product and store the maximum value to best variable.

def adjacentElementsProduct(inputArray):
    best = inputArray[0] * inputArray[1]

    for i in range(1, len(inputArray) - 1):
        temp = inputArray[i] * inputArray[i + 1]

        if temp > best:
            best = temp

    return best

Solution two:

This solution is same as above but fancier.

def adjacentElementsProduct(inputArray):
    return max([inputArray[i] * inputArray[i+1] for i in range(len(inputArray)-1)])

Solution three:

This is a different approach but it’s not optimal because we have to maintain an array for this.

def adjacentElementsProduct(inputArray):
    products = []

    for i in range(len(inputArray)-1):

    return max(products)